David Burns's Podcast


June 15, 2020 David Burns
David Burns's Podcast
Show Notes

Its all about The Assessment Register... people have been asking, so... "what do you do?".

This podcast provides an insight onto what we do. As management consultants that specialise in metrology, standards, testing and quality management... well, its all about trade facilitation through compliance.

We support private sector business, institutions and certification bodies comply with contract and legal obligations... so, the podcast just provides an overview.

Although, we don't advertise and most of our clients arrive by referral... we've been about since 1990 successfully support trade and industry; its what we do!

Sounds awful to say, but we're very good at what we do...we're always ahead of the game for our clients... our team oozes confidence! 

Need AS 9100, done it loads mate... its easy!

Need ISO 9001, no brainer... absolute doddle!

Need ISO 17025, hmm can be tricky, but we've achieved accreditation... 

Just ask and we'll do the necessary.